Contrato de compra venta en Ingles


By an between ______________ (nationality), bearer and identify by _______ number _______, and ______________ (nationality), bearer and identify by ______________, married in First wedlock, both of age and capable to enter contracts, domiciled at ______________, hereinafter called VENDOR, parties of the First part, and ______________ bearer and identify by ______________, of age and capable to enter into contracts, domiciled at ______________, floor _______, apartment _______, in the City of ______________, hereinafter called VENDES, party of the Second part, this contract of Sale-is entered into, subject to the following covenants and conditions, to wit:

One. VENDOR, as sole owner of the property, agrees to sell to VENDEE, who agrees to purchase the apartment identified as DWELLING-HOUSE UNIT number _______, on the _______ floor of the building situate at number _______ Avenue, between ______________ street and ______________ street, ______________ zone, ______________ division, ______________ block, ____________ plot, ______________ section, in the city of ______________, the extent, percentage, boundaries and surface of which, as well as other particulars and identification and description data, are specifically included in the pertinent document of title.

Two. The premises hereof are sold under the Cooperative Apartment House Regulations, Act number _____________________, and related provisions in force; thereof, said premises include the surface of the Unit hereby sold and, furthermore, the undivided shares of thereto belonging as per the percentage fixed in the “Co-ownership and Administration Regulations for the Building”.

Three. The definite purchase price hereof mutually agreed upon is $ ______________ (EXPRESS WORDS MEXICAN PESOS 00/100), payable as follows:

a) The sum of mexican pesos $ ______________ (EXPRESS WORDS MEXICAN PESOS 00/100), upon the execution hereof, which amount is paid by VENDEE to VENDOR in cash, to the latter’s satisfaction and as part payment of the purchase price and part performance of the contract, hereby acknowledging receipt thereof;

b) The sum of $ ______________ (EXPRESS WORDS MEXICAN PESOS 00/100), to be paid by VENDEE on __________, ______________, upon simultaneous delivery, by VENDOR, of actual possession and execution and delivery of title deed before a Notary Public number ______________, as hereinafter provided.

Four. VENDOR warrants that he has good title to the premises hereby sold and that the latter are free and clear from encumbrances, attachments, injuctions or “interdictions”; VENDOR further represents that no prohibitions or limitations of any kind whatsoever have been ordered to restrict free sale and disposal of the property hereby sold, and that possessions thereof shall be delivered absolutely free of effects, occupants or intruders, whichever be the nature of their right or title, and in the same condition as it now is; in referente to the latter VENDEE hereby states that he knows and accepts it.

Five. The deed conveying title shall be executed before the Notary expressly appointed therefor by VENDEE, to wit: ______________ Notary Public’s Office, located at ______________, in the city of _______ with a telephone number ___________. The Notary Public there for appointed shall summon the parties hereto on three days notice at least, by a reliable means indicating time and place of execution of the title deed, provided always the term allowed in covenant Three herein shall be observed; the expenses arising therefrom shall be paid by both parties according to law.

Six. “Current Expenses”, taxes, rates, assessments and general charges imposed on the promises here of shall be at VENDOR’S sole expense up to delivery of possession and execution of title deed, which payments shall be made exclusively by VENDEE therefrom.

Seven. As fulfilment of a promise hereby made, VENDOR shall make a gratuitous assignment to VENDEE of the telephone line existing in the premises, the number of which is ______________, and he shall further put at VENDEE’S disposal all the documents the latter may need for transmision of ownership thereof, the expenses arising therefrom being paid exclusively by VENDEE. Furthermore, the purchase price hereof shall include the following chattels: kitchen furniture, the air conditioner installed in the bedroom and the balance-draft stove installed in the living-room.

Eigth. The sale hereby agreed and convened is definite and conclusive; therefore, the parties hereto waive the right to regret, which waiver may not be revoked. It is further stated that this Contract of Sale shall not be assigned.

Nine. In the event that One of the parties failed to perform any of the obligations herein contained the other party, at his option and indistinctly, may either:

a) Demand enforcement hereof, plus recovery of the pertinent damages, in which case the defaulting party shall be liable to a daily fine in the sum of $ __________ (EXPRESS WORDS MEXICAN PESOS 00/100); or

b) Terminate this contract and keep and retain the amount paid as deposit upon the execution hereof in the event that VENDEE were the defaulting party, or covenant to reimburse twice as much raid amount if VENDOR were the defaulting party. In the either case, the contract shall thereupon cease as a matter of law, no legal demand whatsoever being necessary.

Ten. The parties hereto accept and submit to the sole jurisdiction of the __________, in the city of _____________________, and to all legal effects arising herefrom they stablish their domicile by choice at the following addresses: VENDOR, at number ______________ and VENDEE at number ______________, places where all and singular notices, claims and demands, whether judicial or extrajudicial, shall be validly served and delivered.

Eleven. ______________ nee ______________ being present hereupon as VENDOR’S spuoses, fully aware of all the terms herein set forth and accepting this contract in every respect, _______ signs it as well evidencing _______ express and formal consent to the transaction hereupon; for the same purpose as hereinabove mentioned, _______ further covenants to be present when and where the title deed shall be executed pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Code, section _______ and related ones.

In agreement whereon, two copies of the same tenor and to a single effect are signed in ______________, on this _______, day of _______ of the year _______.

ADDITIONAL COVENANT. VENDOR hereupon represents that the property hereby sold is secured by a First mortage created in favor of “BANCO ______________”, under the name “MORTGAGE FOR MONEY LOANED ______________” the balance of which amounts in pesos $ _______; (EXPRESS WORDS MEXICAN PESOS 00/100), to be discharged before execution of the title deed herein refered to.

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